Our Whiskey of the Week is Writers Tears – No.2 on our tasting tour and another beautiful Irish whiskey. Watch our guide Jamie impart his knowledge on the whiskey of the week in the video above.



Writer’s Tears is quite a distinct Irish whiskey, it is a blend of single malt and single pot still whiskeys. Distilled from 60% malt and 40% pot still, their is no grain whiskey used to lighten this mix.

The whiskey is distilled at the Walsh Whiskey Distillery, Co Carlow. The distillery is a modern building on the grounds of Royal Oak, a Georgian estate dating back to the middle of the eighteenth century.

“Set deep in the heart of barley-growing country, framed by two hundred year old mighty oaks, on the banks of the river Barrow in Ireland’s Ancient East, Royal Oak is the perfect place for creating exceptional quality whiskey”


Walsh Whiskey Distillery - Ireland


Walsh Whiskey Distillery - Ireland

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The reference to the tears in the title comes from Ireland’s great writers, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce etc. Who liked a tipple or two, and would be very fond of this beautiful blend.  The taste is a great marriage of pot still whiskey and robust single malt with notes of vanilla and honey with nice ginger notes on the palate.


Check out the tasting notes from the Celtic Whiskey Shop below and where to pick up a bottle. Next week our whiskey of the week will be Green Spot – 100% pot still liquid gold. sláinte!




WHISKEY OF THE WEEK – NO. 2 – Writers Tears

Price Range – €45-€50

Type – Blended Whiskey ( Pot Still & Single Malt)

Distiller – Walsh Distillery – Co Tipperary

ABV – 40%

Barrel Type – Bourbon Casks


Tasting Notes – courtesy of Celtic Whiskey Shop

Nose     // Flashes of apple with hints of vanilla and honey over a distinctively Irish pot still base.
Palate  // Gently spiced with a burst of ginger and butterscotch with background notes of toasted oak.
Finish  // Long, elegant finish with subtle notes of milk chocolate and almonds.



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