This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on Quintessential Brands new ‘Master Distiller Reserve’ release, how Bailey’s came into existence and Bushmills new Steamship release –  Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve. 

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey weekly news.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - 2 Oct 2017 Dubliner

Quintessential Brands introduces The Dubliner Master Distiller’s Reserve

Quintessential Brands is adding a premium addition, Master Distiller’s Reserve, to its The Dubliner range. Bottled at 42% abv, the new variant created by master distiller Darryl McNally is a blend of single malt and grain Irish whiskies aged in bourbon casks for up to 10 years.

Amber in colour, Master Distiller’s Reserve is described as having a malty, fruity aroma with notes of vanilla. Balanced and slightly spicy, the team said it’s got an intensely fruity taste profile. ‘I’m very proud of the final product,’ McNally said. ‘I’m confident it will bring yet more consumers into the Irish whiskey category.’


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - 2 Oct 2017 Baileys

How Baileys was born

On December 3rd, 2007, Diageo announced the sale of the billionth bottle of Baileys since it was first introduced in 1973. That’s a thousand million bottles. And they will have sold at least a further 250 million bottles in the decade since then bringing the total up to something in the area of 1,250,000,000. If we assume that every bottle of Baileys delivered eight generous servings that suggests that over 12 billion glasses of Baileys have been poured since it all began.The initial thought behind Baileys Irish Cream took about 30 seconds. In another 45

The initial thought behind Baileys Irish Cream took about 30 seconds. In another 45 minutes, the idea was formed. Baileys was like that for me. A decade of experience kicked in and delivered a great idea. It wasn’t as instant as it seemed. This is the story of its creation.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - 2 Oct 2017 bushmills

Bushmills unveils third Steamship Collection whiskey

Bushmills have just announced a new variant of their Steamship collection, following the launch of Port Cask Reserve and Sherry Cask Reserve, which are inspired by the SS Bushmills steamship. The vessel set out on its maiden voyage to deliver bottles of Bushmills to America in 1890.

Helen Mulholland, master blender of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, said: “At Bushmills we are known for centuries of innovation, continuously exploring the nuances that different casks impart on our whiskey. “Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve is the result of our long-standing relationship with master coopers from Louisville, Kentucky who reserve only the finest American white oak, custom-charred bourbon casks to mature this unique whiskey.


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