This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on Tullamore Dew’s big investment in their distillery, Louth does well at the Irish Whiskey Awards and the Irish Whiskey Association lay out their plans for the Sout east of Ireland tourism sector.

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey weekly news.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Oct 26 2017 - Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew owner spends €25m to boost distilling operations in Offaly

Tullamore Dew owner William Grant & Sons have put €25m into its distilling operation in the Offaly town this year as it seeks to drive sales.

The company is expecting to sell just under 1.2 million cases this year, compared to 840,000 three years ago. William Grant has thus far spent €100m on bringing the whiskey production back to Tullamore after buying the brand from C&C. It also owns Glenfiddich, Drambuie and Hendrick’s Gin.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Oct 26 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards

Louth Distilleries and Brewery Honoured at Irish Whiskey Awards

Louth swept the boards at this year’s Irish Whiskey Awards, with the county’s distilleries and breweries picking up gold medals and an award.  The excellence and innovation of Irish whiskey producers and distillers were honoured at the awards, which were held at Old Jameson Distillery, Bow Street, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7, last Thursday night.

Cooley Distillery was awarded Irish Single Malt Whiskey (12 Years & Younger) for its Tyrconnell Madeira Finish 10-year-old whiskey and a medal for Tyrconnell 16-year-old in the 13 years & older category.  Boyne Valley based Boann Distillery debuted with two Gold Medals for The Whistler Single Malt 7-Year-Old Cask Strength and Single Malt Aged 7 Years.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Oct 26 2017 IWA

South East Whiskey Tourism Strategy Launched

The Irish Whiskey Association’s South East Regional Irish Whiskey Tourism Strategy was launched on October 19th, by the Minister for Local Government John Paul Phelan at the Walsh Whiskey Distillery, Royal Oak, Co. Carlow.

The Irish Whiskey Tourism Strategy will involve a growing number of distilleries around the South East working together in order to attract thousands of tourists to the region. Minister Phelan said: “I am delighted to launch the South East Regional Irish Whiskey Association Tourism Strategy, which is part of a broader plan to attract 1.9m tourists to distillery towns around Ireland by 2025.”


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