This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on Whiskey Live Dublin’s resounding success, Irish Whiskey Society America is looking for members and Teeling Distillery are hosting the Christmas Craft Fair again this year.

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Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 7 - 2017

Whiskey Live Dublin a treat for experts and amateurs

Whiskey Live Dublin, Ireland’s premier tasting event, took place in the Dublin Castle Printworks on November 25. It was completely sold out and, by all accounts, a resounding success. Dublin Live braved the elements and made the bold sacrifice of spending the day among the great and the good the Irish industry, and tasting some of the world’s finest spirits along the way.

Organised by Dublin’s Celtic Whiskey Shop, the event has grown each year with a thousand attendees in 2017, in line with the boom in public appetite for our national dram. They have announced an extra session for 2018 with an evening session on Friday, November 23rd and an afternoon and an evening session on Saturday 24th.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 7 - 2017

Why You Should Consider Joining the Irish Whiskey Society

This isn’t a sales pitch, but if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor you might want to consider joining the Irish Whiskey Society.

Irish whiskey is quietly going about the first stages of a renaissance, with dozens of new distilleries set to open within the next decade and countless brands beyond Jameson on their way. Finding those bottles as they trickle into markets is going to be a challenge — that’s when it’s good to have a network. Enter the eight-year-old Irish Whiskey Society, an organization created to gather uisce beatha lovers under a common banner. The Irish Whiskey Society hosts tastings and speciality barrel picks for its members. It’s based in the coastal town of Dingle.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 7 - 2017


Get into the festive spirit at the Teeling Distillery this weekend.  Join the team at Teeling on Saturday, 9th of December (10.30am-5pm) as they celebrate all things craft at the Teeling Distillery! 

The ‘Spirit of Dublin Christmas Craft Fair’ celebrates local artisanal food producers and traders, and this being the home of one of Dublin’s newest whiskey brands, there should be the odd dram of the hard stuff to warm the soul too.


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