Dublin has some of the best whiskey bars in the world. Over the next few posts, we are listing the top 15 whiskey bars in Dublin with links to their location and a little information on the bars themselves.  We hope when you visit Dublin you will get to visit one or all of these great Irish whiskey establishments.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Dublin Whiskey Bars – read part 2 and part 3 now.

Dublin Whiskey Tours - Dublins Best Whiskey Bars - Dingle Whiskey Bar

The Dingle Whiskey Bar is situated beside Trinity College and is the first place you should visit when trying whiskey in Dublin. They have a stellar whiskey selection and great knowledgeable staff to provide any help you need in choosing a whiskey. The wooden stave lined bar makes enjoying your whiskey even more special.


The Rag Trader is situated in the old linen industry area of Dublin. It is a modern take on an old whiskey bar and has a great selection of Irish whiskey. You can enjoy your whiskey in the main bar or relax in the front room beside the fire watching Dublin go by outside the window.


Dublin Whiskey Tours - Dublins Best Whiskey Bars - The Long Hall

The Long Hall is situated on historic George’s Street. The bar has been here serving thirsty customers for over 250 years. it is styled in Victorian elegance and has an old-world charm that is hard to match. They even have their own Powers Irish whiskey to sample from behind the bar.


Dublin Whiskey Tours - Dublins Best Whiskey Bars - Bison Bar

The Bison Bar is situated on the banks of the River Liffey. The bar is one of the newer premises in the city and has a great whiskey selection and some tasty food too.


Dublin Whiskey Tours - Dublins Best Whiskey Bars - Temple Bar Whiskey Store

The Temple Bar Whiskey Tasting Room is situated in the heart of Temple Bar. The whiskey bar is just to side of the main bar which is always full to brim with excited tourists. The small bar has an amazing selection of whiskeys and you can even taste their self casked whiskey when you visit.



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