Dublin Whiskey Tours partners with Slane Whiskey

Dublin Whiskey Tours and Slane Whiskey have announced a new partnership to promote Slane Tripled Cask Whiskey to our customers. Our guests can now enjoy a dram in the Rag Trader, the last bar on our Premium Whiskey & Food Tour in Dublin city centre.

Will Lynch, UK & Ireland Brand ambassador for Slane Whiskey, secured Slane Tripled Cask Whiskey as the last mouthwatering drop to be tasted at the end of the tour,  adding “We are delighted to be a part of Dublin Whiskey Tours.”


Relax with Irish Whiskey in Dublin


Speaking on the new tie-up, Andrew Rooney, founder of Dublin Whiskey Tours, said: “We are happy to announce that we will be working closely with Slane Whiskey this year toasting Irish whiskey’s bright future.

“We want to enlighten our guests as to where the industry is heading in years to come, so we thought there would be no better distillery than Slane to work with. Our experts say it’s a great dram at a great price.”


Dublin Whiskey Tours and Slane Whiskey


The success story that is Irish whiskey continues on with Ireland having firmly established itself as a bone fide destination for connoisseurs from around the world. Having welcomed just under nine million visitors in 2016, over 700,000 of these enjoyed a whiskey experience while holidaying in Ireland.

Identifying this thirst for knowledge, Dublin Whiskey Tours founder Andrew Rooney established the business to provide a premium experience for visitors and locals alike. Having always had a deep interest in Irish history, he started out working as a researcher and tour guide in Drimnagh Castle in south Dublin, close to where he grew up in Dublin.



He called on the expert knowledge of uisce beatha guru Fionnán O’Connor, author of ‘A Glass Apart’, to help him set up the tour.

A two-hour tour programme was decided upon consisting of five premium samplings with the option of adding gourmet food tasting and aged statement drams, and tours began last year.

On the tour, guests visit four bars – Dingle Whiskey Bar, Bowes, The Palace Bar and The Rag Trader. Visitors get to hear the history of Irish whiskey, how it’s made and most importantly, to taste our great drams in the special atmosphere of a Dublin pub. Every whiskey in Ireland has a great story – and just needs the right person to tell it, say our tour guides.




Dublin Whiskey Tours offers you the perfect introduction to Irish whiskey in the heart of Dublin city. You will get to sample five great drinks while relaxing in some of the best whiskey bars the city has to offer. We offer a package to suit you – choose from our Whiskey Tasting Tour, Premium Food & Whiskey, and Deluxe Food & Whiskey.

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