Best Irish whisky under €50 – $50

We had our first guide to buying Irish whiskey last week and now we are raising the bar a little.

We will be having a look at 3 Irish whiskeys for just under €50. Just the simple addition of a few euro can take you into the realm of truly outstanding whiskeys. We are heading out of the range of purely blended whiskey and will be looking at some single malts, single grains and a surprising whiskey with a great name. So let’s have a look at best Irish whiskey under €50.




© Celtic Whiskey Shop – Connemara

Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt – 40% ABV –  €42.99 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

Connemara is in a class of its own in Ireland. Whereas most Irish whiskeys don’t smoke their barley before distilling, Connemara uses peat smoke dried barley to give their liquid a slight smoky peaty aroma. Supposedly the peat itself comes from our friends over in Scotland. We wonder how long it will be before another distillery releases a fully Irish peated whiskey using our own turf to dry the barley.

It comes in a very distinctive green bottle, which has been styled on the bottles of days gone by.  It retails for around €43 and is definitely one to have in your whiskey collection. Check your local whisky shop or online below

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €42.99

Buy in USA @   Best Buy Liquors for only  $38.99



© Celtic Whiskey Shop – Teeling Single Grain

Best single grain - IWA

Teeling Single Grain Red Wine Cask Finish – 46% ABV –   – €45.95 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

Teeling Single Grain is a quite different whiskey when viewed alongside the normal blended, malt, pot still varieties.

Teeling only uses corn ( instead of the traditional barley ) to distil this whiskey and it’s made in a column still – made famous by the Irishman Aeneas Coffey. What sets this single grain apart is its ageing process.

The whiskey is aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels and this gives the once clear spirit a beautiful orange hue. The taste is amazing too with prominent flavours of vanilla, butter and honey. Smooth soft and very easy going.

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €45.95

Buy in the USA @  The Whiskey Exchange for only $48.39



© Celtic Whiskey Shop – Writers Tears Red Head


Writers Tears Red Head Single Malt – 46% ABV –  €48.99 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

This whiskey comes with the best name of any Irish whiskey and has a taste to match. Representing all the tortured Irish writers of years gone by, and I would say a few today – Writers tears is a 100% single malt aged in Oloroso casks which have lent the whiskey a beautiful red hue. On the tongue and nose, it has notes of malted barley, pineapple and ginger spice, and is a great dram at this price.

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €48.99

Buy in USA @   Fine Drams for only  $38.53


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