Best Irish whisky under €60 – $60

We had our second guide to buying the best Irish whiskey under €50 last week, and now we are in the realm of truly great Irish drams. We will be having a look at three bottles you can get for just under €60. All of our choices today have been distilled down in Midleton, County Cork by Irish Distillers.

These are all single-pot still liquids, which are a mix of malted and unmalted barley – unique to Ireland and now protected by a geographic indicator. These pot stills have a lovely, thick viscosity and a beautiful, spicy finish on the palate. They have been the tipple of choice for Irish people for over 200 hundred years.

Let’s have a look at the best Irish whiskey under €60



Celtic Whiskey Shop – Powers


Powers Signature Release Single Pot Still – 46% ABV –  €54.99 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

One of the best-value single-pot stills on the market. Powers Signature Release is made from a robust style of single-pot still spirit and is mostly matured in refill ex-bourbon barrels. A small portion of 1st bourbon and sherry casks are also used to balance out the whiskey. This does not display an age statement on the label, but is usually drawn from whiskeys aged between 7 and 9 years old.

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €54.99

Buy in USA @ for only  $39.99




Celtic Whiskey Shop – Powers


Green Spot Pot Still Whiskey – 40% ABV –   – €59.99 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

Green Spot is a 100% pure-pot still whiskey that can trace its roots to the early 1900s when Jameson sold whiskey to wine merchants Mitchell & Son. In those days it was common practice for wine merchants and publicans to bottle their own whiskey, but sell it under the distiller’s brand name. Green Spot became as famous as Jameson itself and it is one of just a few old merchant brands that are still available.

Green Spot was just part of a range that included Blue Spot, Yellow Spot and Red Spot, all of which had different ages and recipes. Green Spot is made at Midleton from pot still whiskey aged between seven and nine years.

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €59.99

Buy in USA @ for only $59.99



Celtic Whiskey Shop – Powers

Redbreast 12-year-old – 40% ABV –  €59.00 @ Celtic Whiskey Shop

A 100% heavy-pot still whiskey with a high sherry-ageing percentage – first made in 1939 with Jameson filling Gilbey’s own casks. Two sherry casks were used for each bourbon cask. The brand died off with the closure of Jameson’s distillery, but was recently relaunched and is a huge favourite with both whiskey drinkers and connoisseurs. The Redbreast range also features a 15 and 21-year-old version too.

Buy in Ireland @ Celtic Whiskey Shop for only €59.00

Buy in USA @  TotalWines for only  $49.99


We hoped you liked our guide to best Irish whiskeys under €60 – we will have our last guide up soon for whiskeys under €70 so please subscribe to our blog to be in the know. If you want to know more about whiskey – check out our whiskey page and if you want to get to know our experts check here.

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