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3 Irish Whiskey attractions are top of Tripadvisor list

Dublin has many amazing attractions but according to Tripadvisor – 3 of the best are Irish Whiskey attractions. Out of 11 attractions reviewed 3 were whiskey attractions. Let’s start at number 6 and see why they were picked.

Teeling Whiskey Distillery – No.6 on the list

Whiskey fans have a choice of distilleries visit in the city these days, but that’s a very recent development. In 2015, Teeling was the first new distillery to open in the city for 125 years. A working plant in the heart of the Liberties, it’s a real insight into small-scale production in the 21 century.

Jameson Distillery – No.2 on the list

Jameson’s production moved to Midleton in Cork during the 1970s, but the Bow Street distillery in Smithfield remains as a visitor centre. You can learn about the history of the company, how whiskey is distilled and then enjoy a tasting session that lets you compare Jameson with its Scotch and bourbon rivals

Irish Whiskey Museum – No.1 on the list

Top of the pops is another destination for whiskey lovers. As we’ve seen, the city has a number of distilleries to choose from, but the Irish Whiskey Museum is an independent, one-stop-shop for anyone who enjoys a tipple. Learn all about Irish whiskey and its place in Irish history, and round it off with a tantalising tasting session that lets you compare several different brands.



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