This week our Dublin Whiskey News features articles on Whiskey Live starting this weekend and the first rye mash bill in Ireland being produced at the Kilbeggan  distillery.

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Dublin Whiskey News – Nov 22 – 2018


Dublin Whiskey News - Nov 22 - 2018 - Whiskey Live

Whiskey connoisseurs call the shots at Dublin Castle


It is hard to keep up with all the new whiskey brands and new releases by established distillers. A walk around specialist suppliers such as the Celtic Whiskey Shop or L Mulligan in Dublin, or the shops at the airport, can leave your head spinning.

It’s not practical to buy a bottle of everything, of course, but you could visit a good whiskey bar with a couple of friends and sip your way through a few. Perhaps the best option, though, is to attend the Whiskey Live tasting event at Dublin Castle next weekend.

Not every distillery will be attending the show, but there will be more than you can possibly visit, so do plan ahead. My own plan is to focus solely on trying new whiskies. Foremost among them will be Red Spot 15-year-old Pot Still, re-released this week by Mitchell & Son and priced at €115.


Dublin Whiskey News - Nov 22 - 2018 - kilbeggan

New Irish whiskey is Ireland’s first rye based whiskey

Rye has been exploding in popularity in recent years, and for good reason – rye tastes great, it is typically an exceptional value, and it expands the flavour profile that bourbon lovers crave (the most popular bourbons are mostly what are known as “high-rye” recipes, the closest other whiskies to actual ryes).

Irish whiskies have also been booming in popularity, and in the recent past here at Forbes I have reported on a some of the new rye launches (read about the recently introduced Jack Daniel’s Rye here, and about a favourite rye of mine here) and newest Irish whiskies (read about the Tyrconnell single malt here and the impressive Teeling’s lineup here).

Now for the first time in modern history, the two trends have converged with the release this week of Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye, double distilled and matured in Ireland’s oldest continually licensed distillery – more than 260 years old. It is the first whiskey to be created from the ground up at the Kilbeggan Distillery since its restoration was completed in 2010, and was 100% distilled and matured here. The new spirit is twice distilled in Kilbeggan’s copper pot stills – one of which claims to be the world’s oldest whiskey pot still in operation – and bottled at 86 proof.




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