This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on Beam Suntory’s new campaigns to spread the good word about Irish whiskey, West Cork Distillers release new two new expressions and a surprise win for a 6-day aged whiskey in Jim Murrays Whiskey Bible.

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in our Irish whiskey weekly news.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory Promotes Irish Whiskey In New Campaigns

Beam Suntory and its agency Preacher are simultaneously launching two new campaigns to promote its Irish whiskey brands The Tyrconnell and Kilbeggan. Both seek to showcase the brands as spirits to enjoy year round and not just on festive occasions like St Patrick’s Day.

Tyrconnell and Kilbeggan are both produced out of the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, Kilbeggan Distilling Co. The campaigns try to differentiate the brands by highlighting the rich, long-standing histories of both whiskeys.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - West Cork Distillers

West Cork deliver new expressions from Different Charred Barrels

West Cork Distillers is one of a myriad of relatively new Irish whiskey producers in recent years. We’ve written about them a few times in the past, including reviewing some of their expressions in a round up last year. They are back now with two new offerings which mark the beginning of a new collection finished in barrels charred in different ways.

The new West Cork Glengarriff Collection, according to those behind it, consists of Irish single malt whiskies aged in sherry casks and then finished for half a year in “barrels that have been charred using fuel sources obtained from the iconic Glengarriff Forest in Southern Ireland.” The distillery is said to use a proprietary charring device that was built by them “with the guidance of a local fifth-generation blacksmith.”


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Lost Spirits

Surprise win in Jim Murrays Whiskey Bible

Making history in the 2018 edition, Lost Spirits’ Abomination – a ‘technology aged whisky’ aged in just six days using a revolutionary patented technology – was awarded 94 points and the coveted ‘Liquid Gold’ designation for whiskies awarded 94 points or higher, beating 95 percent of the world’s best whiskies in the process.

The technology works by exposing oak to high-intensity light and heat while suspended in a glass tube filled with unaged or young distilled spirits; the combination of specific wavelengths of light and heat has been proven to trigger the same chemical reaction that happens in ageing casks.


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