This week our Irish Whiskey Weekly News features articles on €412 million of Irish whiskey exports, Bushmills ultimate Irish Coffee and the trouble with Irish whiskey.

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Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 28 - 2017 - Palace

Irish whiskey lifted spirits with exports of €412m

Irish whiskey led strong growth in the value of spirits exports from the Republic to almost €650 million, industry figures show. A new analysis of the drinks industry from the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland shows that the sector exports €1.1 billion a year to 130 countries. Released on Wednesday, the report shows that the value of all spirits exports from the Republic grew 13.3 percent to €646 million in the first three quarters of 2017.

Whiskey led the way, accounting for €412 million of the total during the nine-month period, an increase of 14 percent. The body says the drinks industry pays wages of €4.3 billion a year to 204,000 workers in production and distribution, and in the pubs, restaurants and off-licences where its products are sold. Those jobs are across every county in the Republic.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 28 - 2017 - Bushmills

Bushmills offer ultimate Irish coffee

Irish Coffee is one of the all-time classic winter cocktails. Done right, it’s a creamy, decadent concoction that’s both bracing and eye-opening, a dessert and a drink all at once. It’s the perfect cocktail to kick off a crisp winter night or to end an epic dinner with both coffee and whiskey in the same cup.

But not all Irish Coffees are created equal. We asked our friends at Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Belfast-based gourmet coffee company Root & Branch for the best way to make an incredible Irish Coffee every time. And they created a recipe that perfectly marries whiskey and coffee in a can’t-miss cold weather treat.


Irish Whiskey Weekly News - Dec 28 - 2017 - ABFi

The trouble with Irish Whiskey – Part Three

During the course of our previous two articles on The Trouble with Irish Whiskey (read part one here, and part two here), we spoke to a number of brand owners and received considerable follow-up correspondence from people directly or indirectly involved in the Irish whiskey sector. Many conversations we had revolved around the Vision for Irish Whiskey report, and given the level of dissatisfaction it seems to have created, we felt it warranted a systematic review and a further in-depth analysis of its vision and success, or lack thereof, to date.

In May 2015, the IWA launched its Vision for Irish Whiskey: a strategy to underpin the sustainable growth of the sector in Ireland, a strategy document that aimed to double Irish whiskey exports by 2020.  The document outlined five key pillars to support sustainable growth in the sector. Two of the pillars which featured regularly in our conversations were pillar two (category integrity and promotion), and pillar three (sustainable supply and demand).



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