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It’s hard to imagine a more unpopular man in 19th century Ireland than Aeneas Coffey. Coffey’s job was to find illegal stills, smash them up, pour out the illegal liquid and jail the men who ran them. In 1810 he received a fractured skull and was stabbed in the legs while undertaking this work.
When he’d had enough of that, he took up distilling and patented a super-efficient still that allowed continuous production of almost pure spirits. The Coffey Still was an efficient & cost-effective way to make alcohol but stripped a lot of flavour from the liquid, hence why Irish distilleries kept using the slower more inefficient pot still.

Dublin Whiskey Tours - My Whiskey Heroes -Aeneas Coffey b

But the Coffey Still revolutionised the Scotch whiskey industry and lead to the invention of blended scotch whiskies like Johnnie Walker and many other brands which slowly eroded Ireland’s whiskey monopoly.


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