This week Irish Whiskey Weekly News features updates from Chapel Gate Whiskey Company, Pearse Lyons Distillery and why your whiskey will taste better with a few drops of water!

So let’s see what’s been happening this week in Irish whiskey news.


JJ Corry’s Chapel Gate whiskey released at Dublin Whiskey Festival

Chapel Gate Whiskey Company, whose motto is ‘to revive the long-lost flavours of Irish whiskey’, released ‘The Gael’ on Saturday night at The Irish Whiskey Museum. Ireland’s first whiskey bonder to release some liquid in many years, they are trying to emulate the conditions of ageing used by bonders of old whilst applying modern day know-how.

Founder and owner Lisa McGaune, who had worked for 20 years with global multinational drinks companies Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Moet Hennessy, brought along some early-release samples. The night was brought to life with some lovely music and really great food. We look forward to more new releases from this very exciting endeavour.



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Whiskey does taste better with water.

Your bartender was right, according to a study released today in the journal Scientific Reports. When it comes to whiskey, a touch of dilution improves the solution. Diluting your whiskey with water makes it more flavoursome, especially if it’s Scotch.

The reason is guaiacol, an aromatic oil that gives the liquor its signature smoky flavour. Guaiacol is present in guaiacum, a kind of slow-growing shrub with pretty purple flowers, and, as relates to whiskey, the compound is also present in something called wood creosote. Adding a bit of water moves guaiacol closer to the surface, where you can better smell and taste it, creating a more satisfying flavour.


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Pearse Lyons Distillery opens this Saturday

The new Pearse Lyons Distillery will open this Saturday. The newest distillery for Dublin is situated on James St, only a stone’s throw from the Guinness Storehouse – and right on the Dubline walking trail. Pearse Lyons released four whiskeys to celebrate the opening this week. They brought distillers choice, Cooper’s select, founder’s choice and the original to market, and we look forward to sampling all.



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